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Just complete the Online Application form, review your Listing, continue to our Payment Centre and you will get our "Welcome to BBScout.com" Email to activate your Listing.

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Why advertise with BBScout.com ?
1. Easy to use:
From experience we know that B&B guests can have many questions before they make a reservation. During the last 8 years we have had them all!
So we developed BBScout.com, an innovative and user friendly B&B and Inn directory that allows anyone to search and quickly find the perfect Bed & Breakfast or Inn. We put a lot of effort into our site to develop a clear page structure, an easy and comfortable navigation as well as the quick, user-friendly search machine. This makes it easy for all visitors, whether Internet beginners or experts, to find what they are looking for.

2. It’s targeted:
Here at BBScout.com we are committed and focused on Bed & Breakfast or Inns properties in Canada to make sure to target the core market for you - we don't lose focus like other Websites that cover also hotels, vacation rental etc. in many other countries. And we link to your Website directly and refer only interested visitors to your site.

3. High coverage:
We reach a large and very attractive group of holiday makers not only in North America, but also in Europe, Asia and Australia. To assure our worldwide presence - we extensively advertise on all major Search Directories like Google, Yahoo, MSN, ... and do worldwide marketing in newspapers, magazines, travel brochures and with the help of our international cooperation partners.
Most importantly our entire Website is Search Engine Optimized (SEO).
Search engines will have no problem finding and indexing your Listing.
Check out our search engine results here.

4. Combined experience:
We have been in the international hospitality business since 1998 and our professional staff are all experts and have extensive knowledge and many years of combined experience in the travel and accommodation sector, property management, real estate, internet technologies, in online marketing and search engine optimization, which means we know how to attract the people surfing the web.

5. Most affordable:
We don't 'play around' and offer many different options with many diff. prices. We charge $89.00 CAD per year for the featured listing which includes detailed descriptions, amenities, area attractions, activities, photos, the owner’s contact information and more (see details below).
And BBScout.com is more affordable than other forms of advertising.
Just compare to other forms of Advertising.
> Newspaper: over $250/week, reaches only a limited number !!
> Radio Ad: hundreds of dollars to create, reaches only limited number !!
> Magazines: several $1,000 an issue, too expensive for most businesses !!
> Other directories: charge much more $ without coming close to the service we offer & number of visitors we attract each day !!

6. Try it risk free:
We know you'll love our service, so go ahead and get your Featured Listing for 30 days. Try it and see what happens ... with just one booking your listing fee for the whole year is paid !!! ... if for some reason you're not 100% satisfied and don't want to continue your listing within 30 days, let us know. We'll remove it, send your money back, no questions, no hard sell !!!

7. New Features and Improvements:
We are Canada's first accommodation directory, offering ALL B&B or Inn Owners (Free and Featured Listings) to display their own Google map with individual adjustable map marker !!
Our new dynamic Google maps are a big hit with Guests, because they can see precisely where your B&B or Inn is located.
And we constantly improve our service, regularly conduct customer surveys and make changes according to the results. For example ... a booking calendar and diff. site languages are coming soon.

And ...

  • Easy edit/update your Listing information: You have full control of your listing content and pictures with an user-friendly account login 24/7. Modify as many times as you want whenever you want.
  • Some Websites only have information on a single Province or Territory; our Website includes information on all Provinces and Territories so visitors do not have to leave and find information for other regions elsewhere.
  • No pop up or annoying Ad's to clutter up our Website and drive visitors away.
  • Each Featured Listing will be submitted to Google Sitemaps. (read more)
  • FREE Help & Technical Support.
  • Real-time Statistics: All Visitors, Page Views, Detail Page Views, Email Inquiries, Website Views, last Log In etc. are counted and recorded.
  • BBScout is a fast growing global accommodation site - already over 5000 Listings - we attract both international and local visitors to your property.
    OUR success is YOUR success …. and vice versa !!! The more Featured Listings we have .... the more visitors we attract .... the more guests you will get !!!
  • BBScout is 100% Canadian owned and operated - your Listing can be found on our Canadian Website www.bbscout.ca, as well as on our International Website www.bbscout.com
  • Just one booking and your Featured Membership fee is paid -> the rest is pure profit.

Break free from the crowd:
Join with a Featured Listing today - break free from the crowd of other B&Bs or Inns and give your business a competitive advantage.

With a Featured Listing, you get more exposure that will turn even more of our visitors into your customers !!
And OUR success is YOUR success …. and vice versa !!!

Can I list with BBScout.com?
Do you own and operate a Bed & Breakfast / Inn / Guest House / Manor / Lodge / Chalet / Auberge or Gîte in Canada and provide at least a self-catered breakfast for your guests?
Yes? Welcome to BBScout.com.

Joining BBScout.com is very easy!
You B&B or Inn is NOT listed yet - no problem - just complete the Free or Featured application form (only in English please) and you will get our "Welcome" Email to activate your Listing. After our Support Team has approved it you are Online !!
If you have already a Free Listing and want to Upgrade to a FEATURED Listing and Increase your bookings !!! - don't worry - just complete the Featured application form and we take care of the rest.

Free Listings Featured Listings
$0 CAD/year $89 CAD/year
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PS: If you decide for a Free Listing - please consider to set a Link from your Website to BBScout.com. How to do it ?? Click here for instructions ...
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Rates & Policies:  
Attractions & Activities:  
Directions & Distance:  
Location on Google Maps with marker:  
Placement Priority: Featured Listings are on top of Free Listings   High
NO Setup Fee, No Hidden Costs, Tax included
ONLY $89 CAD for a full year
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Download PDF Application Form

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can answer any further questions you might have.
Sincerely, your

BBScout is 100% Canadian owned and operated !!
Search Engine and Pay Per Click Marketing

We do extensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click marketing.
BBScout.com is listed at all top major search engines and directories worldwide e.g. Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, Netscape, AT&T, Overture, Lycos, Excite, Ask Jevees, WebCrawler, and many more ...
AND we submit all our Featured B&B or Inn Listings as well ...

Search Engine Optimization and Placement is one of the most important elements of our website and listing promotion. By taking advantage of specific tools and techniques, our Featured Listings can gain a top page search engine ranking. Failing to do so usually results in a poor or nonexistent ranking.

Did you know ...
Online Bookings have surpassed Offline Bookings !!!!
Over 80% of internet users go online to look for accommodation
''The internet is becoming the ideal medium to reach consumers looking for travel or accommodation.''
Source: Canadian Tourism Commission

Check out some of our search engines results:


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